air krete®

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The Worlds Greenest and Safest Insulation

WNC Energy was a factory trained and licensed installer of air krete® insulation in the Asheville / WNC region in '08-'10. Unfortunately, we are not installing at this time, though we believe in the product.

Air krete® is a cementious foam insulation product that is fireproof, mold proof, non-toxic, and petroleum free. It has applications in both retrofitting buildings and in new construction. This product is installed fully expanded. The magnesium chloride cement in air krete® comes from brine deposits in Michigan, and the components are cooked at around half the temperature of portland cement, usually using natural gas; this lowers it's carbon footprint significantly. The components that come together to make air krete® on the job site are all made in the USA.

Air krete® can insulate almost any building. It is designed to insulate closed wall cavities and can insulate concrete block and brick and plaster walls. Generally the product is installed from the building exterior by our team of professional installers. We can, in most situations, insulate interior walls as well for both thermal zoning and acoustical purposes. The foam creates an airtight seal with roughly 60/40 closed to open bubble structure. It does not support mold, is fireproof (no smoke, no flame spread, and a 2 hour fire rating with a hose test), is completely petroleum free, and is non-toxic at every phase of installation. We believe that air krete® insulation is the greenest and the best product available today.

An average installation takes just a few days. When you decide to use air krete® we will go to your home or building and determine how best to help you seal your thermal envelope. We then send our technicians to carefully removing siding or drill into brick or block mortar. The air krete® foam fills voids completely, going around electrical conduit, pipes, and other obstructions. Our team then replaces the siding and fills the holes with matching mortar. While air krete® was designed to insulate  walls, it can also be used to insulate crawl spaces and attics with some preparation.