Conserve Energy

In addition to insulating your home or building there are some simple ways to conserve energy.

    • Be aware of any energy that is used unnecessarily. Monitoring and changing daily habits and behaviors can lower personal energy use significantly. Look for devices that don't need to be plugged in or left on. From turning off lights to limiting use of large appliances to off-peak hours; there are a number of ways that changing habits can save energy and money. 
    • When making purchases be sure to select environmentally-friendly light bulbs, appliances and daily supplies. Look for Energy Star certified products. Go to our Links page to find websites that offer specific ways to seal and weatherize your house at a low cost.
    • Think about a wider view of the community and combine and share resources through carpooling, urban gardens, and other ways that bring you closer to others. Something as simple as gathering in a common place to watch a TV show or cook a meal can not only bring you and your friends together, but can also save energy and money.